Poppy Puss & Molly Muss

(Kalame Zeresh & Kalame Elisheba)

Sandpaper kisses
on a cheek or a chin -
that is the way
for a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses
a cuddle and a purr
I have an alarm clock
that's covered in fur!

~ Bobbi Katz ~
"Cat Kisses" ?Copyright 1974 by Bobbi Katz, renewed 1996.
Used with permission of the author
Poppy Puss & Molly Muss were born and lived at Kalame Cattery. They were lovingly named Poppet and Pudding (you can guess why!). One winterly day back in 2003, they were told you two Mum and bub will be going to live with a lady who was feeling sad because her baby of 16 years has gone to cats' heaven. Their missions were to be their loving selves and offer lots and lots of amusement so that the lady would smile again. They did just that!. Thank you Faye for reaching out to me with these two precious gifts. D Lee
This is Kalame Elisheba This is Kalame Zeresh
Molly Muss at 5 1/2 months. She loves her tent but could no longer fit in it. Poppy Puss is Molly's Mum. She is a sweetie, a little timid but loves her tummy rubs.
This is Kalame Elisheba This is Kalame Zeresh
Molly Muss at 5 1/2 months, Peekaboo Poppy Puss loves Twisties. She is beautiful, however, she always seems to look grumpy in photo.
This is Kalame Elisheba This is BathTime
Molly Muss loves cheese and ice creams and loves to bully her mama Pop. Poppy Puss & Molly Muss waiting for their daily bath.